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2013-04-02 -- 2013-04-07


Jauna Muzika Festival

Electronic and Electroacoustic SOUND GALLERY 2013


2–7 April 2013, Vilnius






In the current edition of the Jauna Muzika Festival, besides the overviews of a contemporary sound art, the organizers decided to face text and diverse possibilities of its articulation by musical means in the realm of interdisciplinary art. The text acts as a very important element in everyday life; it does not matter whether it is a verbal narrative or an information encoded in a digital form. Therefore it is meaningful to look through various media, such as voice, script (text: literature, drama, poetry) and virtual reality. In this perspective we can observe how different cultural links, yet of the same kind, connect. Remembering the first attempts in the beginning of the 20th century to tell by text more than its meaning (Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters, the so called sound poetry) and invoking new technologies which invoke to feel differently the very text material, the art of sound unfolds for new experiences of text reading and perception. It is where this “Jauna muzika” programme comes from.



Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Vokiečių g. 2

St. Casimir's Church, Didžioji g. 34

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT), Building 2, Tilto g. 16





Tuesday 2 April


17:00 CAC, Reading Room

Opening of the Sound Gallery 2013 and press conference


With the participation of of the festival's curator Antanas JASENKA, cellist and composer Anton LUKOSZEVIEZE (UK), composers Mykolas NATALEVIČIUS, Ričardas KABELIS, Vykintas BALTAKAS, writer and singer Gabrielė LABANAUSKAITĖ (AVaspo)


19:00 CAC


Antanas JASENKA. Eurydice for cello or electronics (2013)*

Zbigniew KARKOWSKI. Nerve Cell_0 for cello and computer (2011)

Anton LUKOSZEVIEZE. American Poets and Cello  for cello and playback (2010)


Performers: Anton Lukoszevieze – cello; Antanas Jasenka – electronics


Tickets: Lt15; Lt7 (for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens)



Wednesday 3 April


19:00 CAC


Arturas BUMŠTEINAS. My Alphabet for electronics (2013)*

Marius SALYNAS. Mono Jeko for keyboard, sampler, and electronics (2013)*

Vykintas BALTAKAS. ri for soprano and electronics (2007-2009)

Burkhard STANGL. Noise of Writing for electronics (2013)*

Ramūnas MOTIEKAITIS. Neprisibeldžiu į tave for electronics (2013)*


Performers: Lukrecija Petkutė – keyboards; Rita Balta – soprano


Tickets: Lt15; Lt7 (for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens)



Thursday 4 April


19:00 CAC

Homage to Luciano Berio (1925–2003)


Luciano BERIO:

Sequenza III for female voice (1965)

Air (from Opera) for soprano and 4 instruments (1970)

Naturale for viola, percussion and recorded voice (1985)

El mar la mar for soprano, mezzo-soprano and ensemble (1952/1969)

O King  for mezzo-soprano and ensemble (1968)

Lied  for clarinet (1983)

Différences for ensemble and tape (1958-1959)

Altra voce for mezzo-soprano, alto flute and live electronics (1999)


Soloists: Rita BALTA – soprano; Rita MAČILIŪNAITĖ – mezzo-soprano

Members of the Lithuanian Ensemble Network (LAT):

Giedrius GELGOTAS – flute, alto flute; Andrius ŽIŪRA, Karolis KOLAKAUSKAS – clarinets; Raimondas SVIACKEVIČIUS – accordion; Rima CHAČATURIAN – piano; Vilija GENCEVIČIŪTĖ – harp; Ieva SIPAITYTĖ – violin; Robertas BLIŠKEVIČIUS – viola; Vita ŠIUGŽDINIENĖ – cello; Danielis RUBINAS – double bass; Tomas KULIKAUSKAS – percussion; Ignas JUZOKAS – electronics

Conductor Vykintas BALTAKAS 


Sponsored by Ernst von Siemens Foundation for Music


Tickets: Lt30; Lt15 (for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens)



Friday 5 April

18:30 St. Casimir's Church



Tadas DAILYDA. Longing for Something New for organ, 3 voices and percussion (2012)

BOARDS OF CANADA. Corsair for organ and live electronics (2004)

Lukrecija PETKUTĖ. Gaming for organ and live electronics (2012)

APHEX TWIN. Curtains for organ and live electronics (1994)

Mykolas NATALEVIČIUS. Urban Landscape for organ and live electronics (2012)

Brian ENO. Music for Airports 2/2 for organ and live electronics (1978)

KRAFTWERK Megaherz for organ and live electronics (1970)

Brian ENO. An Ending (Ascent) for organ and live electronics (1983)


Performer: Karolina JUODELYTĖ – organ


“Ambientorg” is an experience of an ambient music in traditional church spaces through acoustic organ sounds, recomposed electro-acoustic sounds and natural spatial reverberation. One will hear both well-known ambient compositions and newly created works adapted for the circumstances of the project. Participants of the project are young composers Tadas Dailyda, Mykolas Natalevičius and Lukrecija Petkutė, together with an organist Karolina Juodelytė, a laureate of The International M. K. Čiurlionis Piano and Organ Competition. The musicians are going to expand the limits of the organ performance and to perform compositions which are not usually performed live and for which acoustic instruments are not normally used.


Admission free



20:00 ŠMC | CAC


AVaspo: post 3 (2013)*


AVaspo: Gabrielė LABANAUSKAITĖ – texts, voice; Vladas DIENINIS – electronic percussion; Gediminas ŽYGUS – electronics; SUCKMAFINGER – VJ


“We are part of pop culture. Its mirror. Its beauty and the beast. The mascara is dripping from the eyelashes,” says AVaspo, calling themselves musical manipulators. Welcome to the territory where one plays with concepts and flirts with fetishistic metaphors. Everything is real, because it is impossible to define what hasn’t got a simulacrum in the 21st c yet.


The metamorphoses of the programme “post 3” of musical and textual audiovisual poetry group AVaspo come from digital domains and transfer by communicative channels to the experiences beyond screens. Works of “AVaspo” are inspired by the conflict between everyday self-urbanisation and instinctive nostalgia for the origin of nature. The resolution from this existential tragedy is the consciousness that the technology and the nature are not the opposite and the errors happening in the virtual world may be equal to the natural disasters of the world still called “real”. The virtual world becomes a simulacrum of the usual life, the characteristic of which, speaking Jean Baudrillard’s words, is a Promethean aim of a continuous world-wide expansion.


Tickets: Lt30; Lt15 (for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens)



Saturday 6 April


19:00 CAC




Stereo Hypnosis (Iceland): Óskar THORARENSEN; Pan THORARENSEN


“Morphic Ritual” is a project of ambient music and video compositions, immersing in the natural ambient atmosphere of the music. “Morphic Ritual” was recorded in west part of Iceland (Hellissandur) and mixed at Svörtuloft from the 1st to 13th of January, 2013.


The electronic duo “Stereo Hypnosis”, a father and son collaboration of Óskar and Pan Thorarensen, was founded in Flatey, Iceland, in 2006. “Stereo Hypnosis” is very ambient-driven electronica, full of lonely organic environmental sounds, birds in the background, waves crashing the shore, water dripping, with soft beats and gentle melodies that cast a soothing feeling of overcast skies and rainy days.


Tickets: Lt30; Lt15 (for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens)



Sunday 7 April


15:00 LAMT, Building 2, Chamber Hall

EIKKK: Competition of Electronic and Computer Music


Tadas DAILYDA, Alisa GAIŽAUSKAITĖ, Mantautas KRUKAUSKAS, Mykolas NATALEVIČIUS, Edvardas ŠUMILA, Simona ZBARAUSKAITĖ – keyboards; Lukrecija PETKUTĖ – piano and keyboards; Agnė DOVEIKAITĖ-RUBINĖ – violin; Danielis RUBINAS – double bass


Moderated by composer and programmer Matthias Kronlachner (Graz / Vilnius)


Centre for Music Innovation Studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, in collaboration with the Jauna Muzika Festival, organises the first competition of digital music compositions in Lithuania, open to students, graduates and professors of higher educational institutions. This year 16 contestants will present their digital works which reflect today's controversies and texts on cultural history, using virtual instruments (Pianoteg, Scala etc.). The best composition will be selected by the electronic music fans via live internet broadcast ( and by the listeners in the hall. The winner of the competition will be awarded the Music Innovation Prize 2013, founded by Music Innovation Studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Lithuanian Composers' Union.


Organised in association with the:

Lithuanian Composers' Union

Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria).


Admission free


* world premiere


Ticketing Information:

  • Tickets are available at the venue one hour prior to the start of a performance.
  • Tickets for all concerts at a 50% discount for students, schoolchildren and senior citizens (appropriate cards to be shown).



Antanas Jasenka, curator of the festival

tel.: +370 5 272 1727, +370 620 38097; e-mail: [email protected]


Organised by

Lithuanian Composers' Union


Main sponsor

Lithuanian Culture Suport Foundation



Contemporary Art Centre


Festival's hotel


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