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2013-09-04 -- 2013-09-07

Sociocultural Crossings and Borders: Musical Microhistories

International Musicological Conference




4–7 September 2013, Vilnius


More information at


Organised by:

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Musicological Section of the Lithuanian Composers' Union


In association with:

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

Study Groups of the IMS (International Musicological Society): Shostakovich and his Epoch: Contemporaries, Culture, and the State; Music and Cultural Studies; Stravinsky between East and West

IMS Regional Association for Eastern Slavic Countries

National Museum Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

Lithuanian Art Museum


International Musicologial Conference "Sociocultural Crossings and Borders: Musical Microhistories", organised in close cooperation between the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMT) and the International Musicologial Society (IMS) is the focal scholarly event of the academy's 80th anniversary programme.


The inspiration for the scholarly programme of this conference lies in the cultural turn within the discipline of musicology and present-day global challenges: the global interaction of cultures penetrates into musical practices and discourses, radically affecting the sociocultural imagination and altering the established shapes of cultural territories. The musicologists from  the neighbouring regions – Baltic countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia – hav initiated this international transregional musicological conference, devoted to the critical review of cultural interactions and reactions from the microhistorical perspective. One of the key objectives of the event is to initiate transregional musicological discussion based on new information and theoretical approaches, in which music scholars from different countires could share the results of their research, using new sources and data that became available after the end of the Cold War. 


The conference programme was developed in close collaboration with the musicological associations of the Baltic countries and study groups of the International Musicological Society. Besides the regular sessions, the conference programme also includes special sessions, dedicated to the historiography of music in the Baltic countries and themes presented by the IMS study groups. The topics to be presented at the conference cover a broad spectrum of themes and geocultural diversity, ranging from Stravinsky's collaboration with the Los Angeles music festival to the images of "ancient China" in the Taiwanese pop music videos.


Another sub-theme of the conference is the interdisciplinary character of contemporary musicological studies, interaction between musicological disciplines and relations with the social sciences and the humanities. To explore this interdisciplinary character an international competition for young musicologists "Interdisciplinary Studies in Music. New approaches, Methods, Conceptions", organised in association with the Art-parkING Center for New Technologies in the Arts (St Petersburg, Russia), will be held during the conference. The final round of the competition will be held during the closing of the conference.


Conference will be held in English and German. Selected papers will be published in collaboration with the scholarly journals Lietuvos muzikologija (Lithuanian Musicology) and Opera Musicologica (Russia).





Wednesday 4 September, at the LAMT 2nd Building, Chamber Hall (Tilto Str. 16)

5 pm: Philosopher LYDIA GOEHR (Columbia University, New York, USA). Wagner through Other Eyes, or Parodies of Self-Reflection

6 pm: Literature scholar, semiotician BORIS GASPAROV (Columbia University, New York, USA). The Sound as Such: Two Directions of Futurism in Music


Thursday 5 September, at the LAMT 2nd Building, Chamber Hall (Tilto Str. 16)

10 am: Musicologist STEFAN WEISS (Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Germany). Analysing Transnational Encounters in Music: Germany and Russia in the 1920s

3 pm: Musicologist MARINA FROLOVA-WALKER (Cambridge University, UK). Stalin's Music Laureates: Myths and Realities


Friday 6 September, at the LAMT 2nd Building, Chamber Hall (Tilto Str. 16)

10 am: Musicologist TATJANA MARKOVIĆ (Austrian Academy of Sciences Vienna; University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia). Microhistory of the (Imagined) Border of Pančevo (Banat, Vojvodina) as a Locus of the Meta-National Cross-Cultural and Musical Network


Saturday 7 September, at the National Museum Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Katedros Sq. 4)

1 pm: President of the IMS DINKO FABRIS (IMS; University of Basilicata in Potenza, Italy). Two Queens of Neapolitan Opera: from Didone (1650) to Partenope (1725)





Wednesday 4 September, at the LAMT 2nd Building, Parking lot (Tilto Str. 16)

8 pm: JUSTĖ JANULYTĖ (music), DOVYDAS KLIMAVIČIUS (sculptures). Audiovisual installation Breathing Music (2007) for string quartet, live electronics and kinetic sculptures. With the participation of CHORDOS String Quartet: Vytautas Mikeliūnas (1st violin), Ieva Sipaitytė (2nd violin), Robertas Bliškevičius (viola), Vita Šiugždinienė (cello)


Thursday 5 September, at the Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum (A. Goštauto Str. 1)

7.30 pm: Lecture-meeting with the widow of Dmitry Shostakovich IRINA SHOSTAKOVICH (in Russian with translation into English). Presented by Jūratė Katinaitė

DMITRY SHOSTAKOVICH. Movements 3 & 4 from the Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67. Performed by the ARMONAS TRIO: Ingrida Armonaitė (violin), Rimantas Armonas (cello), Irena Uss-Armonienė (piano)


Saturday 7 September, at the LAMT 2nd Building, Chamber Hall (Tilto Str. 16)

7.30 pm: PETRAS GENIUŠAS (piano), LIUDAS MOCKŪNAS (saxophone). Polystylistic project The Sea in the Forest (2011) and presentation of its new CD release by the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre



For the detailed schedule see the file attached below.

Attached files

Conference Schedule (138 kb)

Abstracts (585.18 kb)

Programme Book (1.82 mb)

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