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Arvydas Malcys
Land of the Disobedient

Record company: Vilnius Recording Studio
Year of publication: 2004
Media: CD
Duration: 62'51
Price: 6 € / 20.72 Lt



1. Land of the Disobedient (2001) 13'45
Violetas Višinskas (flute)
Algirdas Doveika (clarinet)
Artūras Šilalė (violin)
Girdutis Jakaitis (viola)
Arvydas Malcys (cello)
Arnoldas Gurinavičius (double bass)
Sergejus Okruško (piano)
2. Different Corners (1985) 11'05
Variations for violin and piano
Rusnė Mataitytė (violin)
Sergejus Okruško (piano)
3. Supper for Five (1986) 13'01
Woodwind Quintet No.1
Violetas Višinskas (flute)
Liutauras Vėbra (oboe)
Algirdas Doveika (clarinet)
Mindaugas Gecevičius (horn)
Jonas Lesys (bassoon)
4. Shadows (2002) 8'02
Trio for trombone, cello and prepared piano
Marius Balčytis (trombone)
Arvydas Malcys (cello)
Sergejus Okruško (piano)
5. Signs of Time. 1st movement (1996) 16'30
6. Signs of Time. 2nd movement
7. Signs of Time. 3rd movement
String Quartet No.3
Audronė Vainiūnaitė (1st violin)
Artūras Šilalė (2nd violin)
Girdutis Jakaitis (viola)
Augustinas Vasiliauskas (cello)

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