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Šerkšnytė, V. V. Jurgutis, Baltakas, Narbutaitė, Martinaitis, Baranauskas
zoom in 4: new music from Lithuania

Record company: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Year of publication: 2005
Media: CD
Duration: 71'20

But a snapshot of the musical diversity burgeoning on Lithuanian new music scene, the fourth promotional release in the "Zoom In" series gives an overview of the key developments of the year 2004: new works, events, names, themes and technologies, performers, festivals and commissions, which often prove stimulating in the emergence of novel creative ideas and their implementation. The six selected pieces, recorded, in most cases, during their premiere performances in different European venues, give a flavour of what is currently going on in Lithuanian academic music circles. For example, it shows the advancement of the up-and-coming generation of young composers (including Raminta Šerkšnytė, Vytautas V. Jurgutis, Vykintas Baltakas and Marius Baranauskas) whose complex avant-garde rhetoric co-exists with habitually strong post-neoromantic trend, which was most distinctly personalized in the music of Onutė Narbutaitė and Algirdas Martinaitis. The CD is for promotional use only and may be requested from the LMIPC by e-mailing to




1. Raminta Šerkšnytė. Vortex (2004) 8'57
Irvine Arditti (violin solo)
Gaida Ensemble:
Mindaugas Juozapavičius (flute)
Robertas Beinaris (oboe)
Algirdas Doveika (clarinet)
Liudas Mockūnas (saxophone)
Zigmantas Augaitis (horn)
Tomas Gricius (trumpet)
Marius Balčytis (trombone)
Sergejus Kirsenko (tuba)
Pavelas Giunteris (percussion)
Sergejus Okruško (piano)
Rusnė Mataitytė (violin)
Artūras Šilalė (violin)
Vitalija Raškevičiūtė (viola)
Edmundas Kulikauskas (cello)
Arnoldas Gurinavičius (double bass)
Conductor Vykintas Baltakas
2. Vytautas V. Jurgutis. Terra tecta (2004) 10'37
Mindaugas Bačkus (cello)
3. Vykintas Baltakas. Ouroboros (2004) 14'00
Gaida Ensemble:
Mindaugas Juozapavičius (flute)
Robertas Beinaris (oboe)
Algirdas Doveika (clarinet)
Liudas Mockūnas (saxophone)
Raimondas Sviackevičius (accordion)
Sergejus Okruško (piano)
Rusnė Mataitytė (violin)
Artūras Šilalė (violin)
Vitalija Raškevičiūtė (viola)
Conductor Vykintas Baltakas
4. Onutė Narbutaitė. Drappeggio. String Quartet No.4 (2004) 16'03
Arditti Quartett:
Irvine Arditti (violin)
Graeme Jennings (violin)
Ralf Ehlers (viola)
Rohan de Saram (cello)
5. Algirdas Martinaitis. Madame Butterfly, Madame Bovary... (2004) 8'24
Ergo Ensemble:
Anne Thompson (flute)
Susanne Hoeppner (flute)
Barbara Bolte (oboe)
Peter Stoll (clarinet, saxophone)
Richard Moore (percussion)
Erica Goodman (harp)
Stephen Clarke (piano)
Lance Elbeck (violin)
Odeta Kiškionytė (viola)
Lionius Treikauskas (cello)
Conductor Alex Pauk
6. Marius Baranauskas. Talking (2002) 12'48
Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Robertas Šervenikas

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