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Dambrauskas, Kubiliūnas, Kairaitytė, Kuprevičius, Bružaitė, Bartulis, Rokaitė-Dženkaitienė, Brilius, Švedas
Muzikiniai desertai

Record company: Kaunas Philharmonic Society
Year of publication: 2009
Media: CD


Kaunas State Choir

Karolina Beinarytė, violin (5)

Beata Andriuškevičienė, piano (9)



Regina Kamičaitienė (2)

Algimantas Mišeikis (7)

Petras Bingelis (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9)


1. Jonas Dambrauskas. Don't Come This Saturday 3'10
For mixed choir
2. Algimantas Kubiliūnas. On Every Hill 2
For mixed choir
3. Dalia Kairaitytė. Images of Samogitia 6'30
For mixed choir
4. Giedrius Kuprevičius. On the Hill 3'30
For mixed choir
5. Zita Bružaitė. White Impression 3'30
For mixed choir and violin
6. Vidmantas Bartulis. Ave Maria 3'30
For mixed choir
7. Daiva Rokaitė-Dženkaitienė. Regina coeli 7
For mixed choir
8. Algirdas Brilius. Agnus Dei 2'50
For mixed choir
9. Vladas Švedas. Blazing Trees 3'10
For mixed choir and piano

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