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Striaupaitė-Beinarienė, Balakauskas, Navakas, Malcys
Musica Humana. Keyword

Record company: Musica humana
Year of publication: 2009
Media: CD
Duration: 69'42


Musica Humana:

Algirdas Vizgirda (flute; 4)

Ona Jonaitytė (flute; 3, 8)

Justinas Mačys (flute; 1)

Robertas Beinaris (oboe; 1–3, 5–7, 8)

Saulius Auglys (marimba; 5–7)

Raimundas Jasiukaitis (cello; 4)

Gediminas Kviklys (harpsichord; 4)

artistic director Algirdas Vizgirda




1. Vaida Striaupaitė-Beinarienė. Keyword 13'51
For flute, oboe, strings and harpsichord
2. Vaida Striaupaitė-Beinarienė. Mosaic I 8'19
For oboe solo
3. Osvaldas Balakauskas. Duetti Concertanti 12'50
For flute, oboe, strings and harpsichord
4. Arūnas Navakas. Cadenza 9'16
For flute, cello and harpsichord
5. Osvaldas Balakauskas. Concerto for oboe, marimba and strings. Poco pesante, ben articulato 5'33
6. Tranquillo ma espressivo 4'55
7. Ritmico 5'28
8. Arvydas Malcys. Milky Way 9'22
For flute, oboe, strings and harpsichord

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