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Abaris, Povilaitis, Miškinis, Vasiliauskaitė, Jonkus, Sližys, Gaižauskas, V. Klova, A. Klova, V. Juozapaitis, J. Juozapaitis, Žalalis, Bičiūnas, Jankauskas, Pranulis
Chants for Children' and Adults' Choirs

Publisher: Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre
Year of publication: 1999
Score: 89 p.


1. Leonidas Abaris. The Prayer of a Grind
2. Leonidas Abaris. In the Morning Prayer
3. Leonas Povilaitis. Thank You God!
4. Vytautas Miškinis. So Hard Is the Hay
5. Vytautas Miškinis. Poverty
6. Kristina Vasiliauskaitė. From Thy Hand
7. Kristina Vasiliauskaitė. Language of Snowflakes
8. Kristina Vasiliauskaitė. Alleluia! Let Us Sing
9. Leonidas Abaris. Osanna
10. Saulius Jonkus. Christmas Eve
11. Saulius Jonkus. Forgive Me Lord
12. Saulius Jonkus. With Silent Prayer
13. Stasys Žalalis. I Saw a Water-Spring
14. Leonidas Abaris. Those Who Are Blessed
15. Leonidas Abaris. Psalm 3
16. Pranas Sližys. Thanks to You Christ
17. Pranas Sližys. Having Pain on the Hill of Crosses
18. Jurgis Gaižauskas. Oh, Great Source of Grace
19. Jurgis Gaižauskas. Oh, the Only Father and Lord
20. Vytautas Klova. Prayer
The Prayer After Mass
21. Vytautas Miškinis. Kyrie, eleison! No. 2
From the cycle "Four Invocations After Marry's Litanies
22. Vytautas Bičiūnas. Oh, Christ
23. Vytautas Bičiūnas. Lord's Prayer
24. Bronislovas Jankauskas. Lord, Have Mercy
25. Bronislovas Jankauskas. Oh, Lord, Our King
26. Leonas Pranulis. Protect Vilnius, Lord
27. Algirdas Klova. The Savior Is Born
28. Vytautas Juozapaitis. Oh God, Our Wealth Is So Great
29. Vytautas Juozapaitis. Alleluia! Christ Is Born
30. Jurgis Juozapaitis. Forgive
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