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Lithuanian Presence at MIDEM 2011

For the seventh year in a row, Lithuanian companies continue their mission at the World’s Music Market – MIDEM (23-26 January, 2011). The Lithuanian national stand, organized by the Music Export Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania, will be located in Riviera Hall, No. R33.02, and will represent the following Lithuanian labels, licensors, manufacturers and distributors:


BOD Group is the largest CD, DVD and HD DVD industrial manufacturing, distributing and sales company group in the Baltic countries, which owns two modern CD/DVD plants: the plant BOD is located in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, another plant BALTIC DISC is in Tallinn (Estonia).


Bomba is an exclusive distributor or licensee of Warner Music, Sony/BMG, Playground, ToCo International and other independents for the territory of Lithuania. Bomba also distributes production of other majors as well as independent and budget music companies.


Enterprise Lithuania with more than 10 years experience is the main governmental institution responsible for the promotion of exports of Lithuanian goods and services.


Lithuanian Composers‘ Union is an association of professional composers and musicologists. Its objective is to spread, stimulate, support and promote professional Lithuanian music and musicological thought in Lithuania and abroad.


Monaco Production has been working in the music and entertainment business as a record label, publisher and artist management company.


Music Export Lithuania will present diverse information materials in the stand, among them series of promotional CDs and DVDs of Lithuanian music, including classical/contemporary, pop/rock, electronica, jazz, authentic and modern folk music.


Prior Record Group is currently active in various music/movies/games industry business sectors and at this moment is the largest CD, DVD and PC games distributor in the Baltic countries.


Semplice is a record company specializing in the early music of Lithuania, Lithuanian classical composers and jazz musicians.


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