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Albertas Navickas at the Wiener Konzerthaus’ centenary season [Classical / Contemporary]

Albertas Navickas’ composition accidental for violin, piano and multimedia will be performed by the Austrian new music ensemble PHACE on 17th of January at the Wiener Konzerthaus, in a concert which is part of the Wiener Konzerthaus’ centenary season.


accidental from Albertas Navickas on Vimeo.

Despite its title, this piece enjoyed quite a non-accidental success. It received the Lithuanian Composers Union’s award of the Best Work of the Year 2011, as well as the award of the Best Audiovisual Work at the ‘Towards the Next 100 Years’ competition organized for the Wiener Konzerthaus’ centenary. Hence it will be performed on this occasion, on 17th of January; the ensemble PHACE will perform accidental in other concerts as well (the next of them on 22nd of February, at ZKM, Karlsruhe).

The composition is based on the melody of natural speech and its micro-variations – fragmented sentences pronounced by an actress (Loreta Vaskova, shown on video projection) are followed and echoed by violin and piano. The composer, who was inspired by Philippe Besson’s book Un homme accidentel (The Accidental Man), says that the focus of this work is indeed on real-life and musical accidents: an accident as an (not necessarily fortunate) event; accidental in tonality, i.e. chromaticism; and structural accidentality, i.e. the aleatoric principle.

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