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Ona Narbutienė, Lithuanian musicologist and educator, died on July 10th, aged 77

Ona Narbutienė, one of Lithuania’s foremost cultural figures, died on July 10th, Tuesday, in Vilnius where she lived. During her long professional career she has authored and edited 15 books, contributed many significant articles on Lithuanian music history, worked as a teacher and educator, organised and presented many memorable concerts. All her conscious life she served the Lithuanian culture with sincere commitment. Her intelligent and benevolent presence was felt in the most diverse areas of Lithuania’s cultural life.


Ona Narbutienė (b. 1930) dedicated her research to Lithuanian music and held to this vocation up to the very last days of her life. Her books are dedicated to the prominent Lithuanian composers and musical personalities, including Juozas Naujalis, Eduardas Balsys, Juozas Indra, Konstancija Brundzaitė, Stasys Vainiūnas, Kazimieras Viktoras Banaitis and Vytautas Bacevičius. In recognition of her professional accomplishments, Mrs. Narbutienė was awarded the Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Prize in 1999.


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