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Fusedmarc performs at Sziget Festival [Electronic]

Lithuanian electronic music band Fusedmarc has been invited to perform at Sziget Festival, Bahia stage, on 10th August. According to the organizers of the festival "There’s no overstatement in dubbing this Vilnius-based band formed in 2004 the most important act of the Baltics with a potential to give the creeps with their fresh tunes and world-standard show to any audience all over the globe (Cilia – vocals, electronica, Nurasho – guitars, bass, programming, lyrics, Epok – samplers, percussion, Blondas – laptop, mixing, Syrtha – video art and design). The band fusing electronica with acoustic instruments, creating labyrinth-like soundflow-compositions, pairing digital sounds with spontaneous live actions all complete with visual accompaniment is a popular participant of electronic festivals by now and hopefully this will not be their last gig in Budapest."


Sziget Festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary with its best ever line-up and a concert from Hungary’s LGT on the eve of the festival. True to Sziget tradition, there are lots of other things beside music - theatre, dance, classical music, cabaret, performances, films, fine art, crafts, literary presentations, programs for kids, sports and other free time activities – basically everything that makes Sziget a unique event in the firmament of international festivals. The 15th anniversary event takes place between August 7 and 15 (including “day zero”).

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