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More than 350 works and projects submitted for the ISCM WMD 2008 [Classical / Contemporary]

43 ISCM national sections and associate members, almost 120 individual composers responded to the ISCM WMD 2008 Call for Works and Projects. The works were submitted from all parts of the world, almost 50 countries, with more works coming from Japan, Germany and Scandinavian countries.


Nearly 50 pieces should be selected by the international jury – Peter Eötvös, Jonathan Harvey, Luca Francesconi, Onutė Narbutaitė, Helena Tulve, composers from 5 regions of Europe.


The organizers had invited to submit the works and projects related to the theme of 'transition', transformation, being 'inbetween', the pieces that cross the boundaries of genres, traditions, art forms, reflect relationship of contemporary music with other cultural experiences.


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