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Lithuania at PopKomm 2007 [Pop / Rock / Urban]

has been based in Berlin since 2004 and is now well established as the world’s music and entertainment business meeting place. With a top-class international conference and a festival covering 30 Berlin clubs, Popkomm offers an optimal platform for the live sector and is essential for experts that wish to shape the future of the music business.


Music Export Lithuania for the second time in a row organizes national stand at PopKomm 2007. Stand no. Hall 21 / 601.


Registered companies and participants (status September 7):




BOD GROUP is the biggest manufacturer of industrial CD/DVD and HD DVD in the Baltic States, owned to modern CD/DVD plants. One – BALTIC OPTICAL DISC in Vilnius and another one – BALTIC DISC in Tallinn. In the begining of this year Group of companies instoled brand new equipment for producing CD/DVD and HD/DVD and became one of the largest and most modern manufacturers in Central Europe. With the manufacturing facilities opened 24/7/365 a year, more than 75% of our production is exported.


Linkmenų 25, LT-08217 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370 5 263 8777, Fax: +370 5 263 8776
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Ričardas Sartatavičius, Sales & Marketing Director
Ms. Giedrė Jurčiukonytė, Project Manager
Mobile: +370 698 76667




BOMBA was founded in 1992 and has made its way to the largest music company in Lithuania. Now BOMBA is an exclusive distributor or licensee of Warner Music, Sony/BMG, Playground, ToCo International and other independents for the territory of Lithuania. BOMBA also distributes production of other majors as well as independent and budget music companies. We are looking for partners in all music styles for distribution and licensing in Lithuania and Latvia.


Žygimantų 6, LT-01102 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +370 5 212 3358, +370 5 212 3818, Fax: +370 5 212 5715
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Rimas Ališauskas, Managing Director
Mobile: +370 698 44333





Monaco Production was launched in 2006 by two experienced music producers Lauras Lučiūnas and Justas Garliauskas. Since then the label has released albums by mainstream Lithuanian artists Violeta Riaubiškytė, Hokshila, Vilius Tarasovas, Alanas Chošnau, Yva, two dance music compilations and made several premium deals. The company currently is developing a download platform and is looking for partners in all mentioned areas.


Konarskio 49-612, 03123 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./Fax: +370 5 203 0003
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Lauras Lučiūnas, Managing Director
Mobile: +370 611 30356
Mr. Justinas Garliauskas, Producer




Initiated in July 2006 to assist in furthering the work of Lithuanian music creators, project Music Export Lithuania is supported by the LATGA-A, Agency of Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association and is aiming to maintain close contacts with all relevant parties in the Lithuanian music industry and facilitate exports of the Lithuanian music production. Music Export Lithuania is the project within the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre.
A. Mickevičiaus 29, 08117 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 212 3027, Fax: +370 5 212 0939
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Ms. Daiva Parulskienė, Director
Mobile: +370 686 65424

Ms. Rimantė Sodeikienė, Project Manager





PRIOR MUSICA works in the areas of music publishing, online content/mobile entertainment, clearance, provides services of music libraries, recording studio, and works also as music label.


Linkmenų 25, 08217 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 263 8773, Fax:  +370 5 263 8773
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Laurynas Giedrys, Director
Mobile: +370 686 80505
Email: [email protected]





PRIOR RECORDS GROUP founded in 2002 as a member of BOD GROUP (Baltic States). Main targets are licensee and distribution of all kind of audiovisual content throughout Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Since foundation Company has become one of the leaders on the market and succesfully keeps leading positions.


Linkmenų 25a, 08217 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 263 8774, Fax.: +370 5 211 3261
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Mindaugas Bartninkas, Managing Director
Mobile: +370 616 11999
Mr.  Romanas Matulis, Commercial Director




PRO-DUCE PROMOTIONS promotes electronic music events in Lithuania, also works with the most promising electronic music talents from the Baltic States. The company also licenses, releases and distributes music for Lithuanian market.


Savanorių pr. 174G, 03153 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 238 9050,  Fax:  +370 5 247 2286
Email: mailto:[email protected]  

Contact at PopKomm: Mr.  Algis Gintautas,  Label manager/ Artist manager / Booking agent 
Mobile: +370 620 29003




Lifted from a recurring motif in Lithuanian folk music, "RyRalio" is a fitting name for Lithuania's first house music label. A collective of Lithuanian artists, DJ's and promoters, RyRalio was formed in the spring of 2002 and is dedicated to bring the distinct flavour of its national talent to the world. Based upon a true love of house music, RyRalio Records incorporates innovative styles ranging from deep to more uplifting house music.


P.O.Box 114, LT-50005 Kaunas, Lithuania
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. Šarūnas Karalius, Managing Director
Mobile: +370 657 82334





ZONA started its record label operations back in 1991, with the Baltic releases of artists like Joy Division, Pixies, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Sugarcubes and many other international acts. Zona's work with the local talent included releases by legendary Lithuanian rock bands – Antis and Bix, Russian cult bands Va Bank and Avia,  as well as several compilations of Baltic and Eastern European music. Zona’s full back catalogue features a total of 80 plus releases and co-releases.


Vytenio 10-75, 03112 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 685 27616, Fax: +370 5 263 8773
Email: [email protected]

Contact at PopKomm: Mr. David Bluvstein, Director
Mobile: +370 685 27616


Organizer of the stand: Daiva Parulskienė, Music Export Lithuania
Tel: +370 5 212 3027
Gsm: +370 686 65424
[email protected]


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