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Vykintas Baltakas' (co)ro(na) in the CD of the musikFabrik ensemble [Classical / Contemporary]

The recording company WERGO has recently released the CD of the musikFabrik ensemble Coronation, which includes (co)ro(na) for ten instruments by Vykintas Baltakas, along with works by Magnus Lindberg, Iannis Xenakis and Rebecca Saunders.


“His (co)ro(na) is a picturesque study in tensions and texture, with instruments producing high, antic fluttering sounds about the grounding force of piano, percussion and long tones on horn. Some strange and sonic tone poetry is at hand, with the bracing sounds balanced by suspended clouds of harmony.” (Josef Woodard, LA Times Culture Monster)


For 45 years, the name WERGO has been synonymous with new music. From the beginning WERGO has offered a forum for avant-garde composers, for courageous, brilliant performers who are curious in the best sense, as well as for musicologists who can help introduce open-minded listeners to the new works and techniques. New CD “Coronation” belongs to the “musikFabrik” edition in WERGO catalogues, representing the highlights from the radio concert series “musikFabrik im WDR”. This edition of thematically arranged programs provides an exciting foray into recent music history.


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