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Dainius Pulauskas Group

Photo: Dainius Labutis

Dainius Pulauskas Group was formed in 1995 and instantly became one of the leading Lithuanian jazz units and an internationally renowned ambassador of Lithuanian jazz. Jazz critic Jan Patterson, in his article portal All About Jazz (October 10, 2011) this group described as “The Dainius Pulauskas Group is a unique sextet whose mixture of melody and muscle, lyricism and the unexpected, places it firmly at the forefront of progressive European jazz-fusion.” and the group leader is characterized as  “pianist/keyboardist Pulauskas is without a doubt, one of the most interesting composers at the fusion end of European jazz, and has been at the helm of this sextet for seventeen years”. The group's  music once described as "a forceful pulse of modern jazz" by Risto Haapsamo. "Pulauskas together with his colleagues makes the best ever possible fusion (...) It's been long time since I heard such talented jazz masters," - writes Swedish reviewer Bo Levender.
During the years of its existence D.P.G. participated in many prestigious European, African, Asian and American jazz festivals, recorded 7 CDs and a 2 DVDs and recently produced a program with the symphony orchestra.

Jūratė Kučinskaitė


Mixtum Compositum - Chiconora (2.6 mb)
Mixtum Compositum - Safaga (2.7 mb)
Colours - Green (886.94 kb)
VIDEO: Penetration
Concert at the Lithuanian National TV concert hall 2010

VIDEO: Ex improviso
Live from Lithuanian radio's studio 2009

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