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Vilius Šiaulys

The works of Vilius Šiaulys materialise in three of his avatars: his solo drone/noise project called Lys, a postindustrial noise duet Tiesė and the experimental electronic music quartet Twentytwentyone. Yet still, Lys remains the most frequent, active and the most personal sonic incarnation of Šiaulys. It dates back a decade and has witnessed many shifts and drifts in the creative language of the sound artist. His live performances draw a sound ‘path’ made of loops of change and repetition, and the journey it offers preserves an undisturbed balance between the clarity of ambient, the harshness of noise and the density of drone music. All albums by Lys, just like his live sessions, resemble a crisp and harsh sound experiment that is simultaneously imbued with something familiar, nocturnal and nostalgic.  
Ilona Klimaitytė


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