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Artūras Chalikovas

A dexterous guitarist and composer, Artūras Chalikovas has a special fondness for fusion jazz. His style is distinguished not only for technical proficiency, but also for romantic flair and artistic sincerity. Whilst improvising, it is not only his guitar that sings, but his voice is sometimes heard as well. He shares most of his time and energy between teaching guitar (he is the founder and director of the Guitar School "Gloria" in Vilnius) and Christian music (he composes and performs psalms). At the same time he is much sought after as a jazz guitarist. After trying his hand with many of the country’s most distinguished jazz musicians, he currently appears with Skirmantas Sasnauskas (as a sideman in his project Sambossa) and with his own group Jazz Brothers.

Jūratė Kučinskaitė



Artūras Chalikovas & Tomas Botyrius - Tranquillity (897.55 kb)
Sambossa - Quiet Night of Quiet Stars (1.19 mb)
VIDEO: Artūras Chalikovas’ guitar solo in Antonio Carlos Jobim Quiet Night
Birštonas Jazz 2006

VIDEO: Artūras Chalikovas & Jazz Brothers
Birštonas Jazz 2002

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