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Donis is a unique Lithuanian post-folk project from Klaipėda (a harbour city of Western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea), masterminded by a young talented multi-instrumentalist, Donatas Bielkauskas. The most unusual and characteristic feature of his music is an idiosyncratic blend of the ancient Baltic folklore and contemporary arrangements. Donis' compositions are deep, subtly refined and sublime sounding. The artist has also shown a knack for experimentation, winning his audiences with somewhat surprising releases of primeval ambient sound, conceptual avant-garde projects, collaborations with the ritual folklore group Kūlgrinda, etc. His most outstanding accomplishment to date is the album Bite lingo (2006), based on Lithuanian historic and war songs and recorded with singer Rasa Serra and Kuršių Ainiai ensemble. The 2007 release Alexandreia reveals imaginary spirit of antiquity, and the most recent CD Kas tave šaukia... (2010) is a return to historic and war themes. Distinguished for originality and versatility, Donis' output also includes music for theatre and film. It has been presented at a number of alternative art festivals, art galleries and international culture events.

Ugnius Liogė


Bars bars - My Lovely Girl (1.26 mb)
Bars bars - My Dearest Mother (1.32 mb)
Bars bars - A Hawk is Flying (1.64 mb)
Bars bars - In the Middle of the Field (2.42 mb)
Bite lingo - Bite lingo (1.36 mb)
Bite lingo - Oi tu varna (1.66 mb)
Bite lingo - Tai gražiai gieda lakštingalėlė (1.34 mb)
VIDEO: Žalio vario
music by Donis / traditional, produced by Donis and Paulius Sluškonis, perf. by Donatas Bielkauskas & Rasa Serra.

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