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The founding members of the ‘nu-dub’ collective Dublicate - Genys, member of one of the oldest DJ teams One Ear Stereo, and Pablik, ex-bassist of the cult easy listening / jazzy house band Empty - are united by long history of collaboration and shared love for wobbling sub-bass, reverb-soaked strummed guitar sounds, and syncopating drum rhythms. In the music of Dublicate, these fundamental elements of classic Jamaican dub are recycled and seamlessly merged with modern minimal and dub techno aesthetics, as well as with influences of other electronic genres - breaks, electro, experimental electronica, etc. The success of this sonic blend is made possible by the solid musical experience of both Genys and Pablik, the two being long-time experts of sophisticated beat-and-bass-driven music. The group also includes VJ Eimis, as well as drummer Marijus Aleksa. They have shared the stage with Rhythm + St. Paul Hilaire, Roni Size + MC Dynamyte, Togetha Brotha Soundsystem. Their track Peace is included in the Elektronik Baltikum compilation.

Jurij Dobriakov


Great & Terrible (985.71 kb)
music: Paulius Kilbauskas (Pablik), Eugenijus Konstantinovas (Genys)

Dub It Again (516.3 kb)
music: Paulius Kilbauskas / Redbud Records

Burner (1.01 mb)
music: Paulius Kilbauskas (Pablik), Eugenijus Konstantinovas (Genys)

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