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Veronika Povilionienė

Veronika Povilionienė, the most famous performer of Lithuanian folk songs, has become a symbol of national culture. Originally from Dzūkija, the singer has inherited the tradition from the old singers of this region. Veronika Povilionienė's voice is strong and evocative; it reveals, with expression, the extraordinary beauty of the Dzūkian monodic songs, their modes and melodic turns. Apart from abundant solo performances and recordings, the singer frequently gives concerts with the folk ensemble Blezdinga and the ensemble of Indian classical music Lyla. The singer is also famous for her collaborations with jazz musicians and contemporary classical composers (saxophonist Petras Vyšniauskas, composers Vidmantas Bartulis and Bronius Kutavičius), other renowned artists, poets and film directors. One of her most notable recent projects is the program of historic and war songs Kada sūneliai sugrįš (When Our Sons Come Back), arranged by the composer Giedrius Svilainis and recorded with the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ Honour Guard Band.

Ugnius Liogė


Lithuanian Folk Songs - Fir-tree, You daughter of the Woods (1.41 mb)
Evening songs - lullabies - Vai, tu aglala (1.67 mb)
Dzūkų dainos - Čiulba ulba karvelėlis (war song) (1.08 mb)
When Our Sons Come Back - Sutartinė Mėtaujėla, mėtaujo (971.43 kb)
When Our Sons Come Back - Maršas, rauda Vai, kad žinotau (1.19 mb)
Bee Raga - O kap aš buvau (1.08 mb)
Bee Raga - Vai aš paklausiau (946.19 kb)
VIDEO: Oi kieno rakteliai (Oh Whose Are the Keys)
music by Lyla / traditional, perf. by Veronika Povilionienė (voice), Gvidas Kovėra (hurdy-gurdy), Ernestas Jepifanovas (bansuri flute), Žaneta Svabonaitė (violin, percussion), Rytis Kamičaitis (tabla).

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