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When well-known DJs go into music production, there is always a risk that this has less to do with natural development of talent than with mere exploitation of the already existing popularity. On the other hand, a longtime intimate relationship with a kaleidoscope of styles may develop a fine taste that will become a catalyst for a promising music crafting career. The latter scenario is the case with Genys, one of the founding members of One Ear Stereo – by far the most dedicated, versatile and remarkable DJ team in Lithuania. While also being part of the Dublicate collective, Genys forges solid instrumentals for various hip hop / reggae vocalists and remixes for live bands as an individual producer in his own right. Genys’ experience with playing such diverse styles as reggae, hip hop, jazz and electronica ensures that his music never sounds clichéd.

Jurijus Dobriakovas


Zhygis Revealing the Truth Music (produced by Genys, scratch by 2Fresh) (1.21 mb)
dr.Green She Still doesn't Know (Genys version) (1.18 mb)
Shidlas Rasta farai (produced by Genys) (1.03 mb)
Shidlas Dega (produced by Genys) (1.04 mb)
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