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Sutartinės Party

It is one of the most vibrant projects by the composers Linas Rimša and Linas Paulauskis which combines sutartinės (ancient polyphonic songs) with electronic music and some jazz elements. Composers notable for their daring crossover experiments are always keen to transgress the standards of different genres; they look for unexpected blends and transformations of folk music, popular opera repertoire, the work by contemporary composers, etc. Sutartinės Party reveals unique modes and entrancing rhythm of polyphonic folk music through interaction with different sub-genres of electronic dance music: house, trance, bigbeat, triphop, dub, etc. Ingenious music alchemists perfectly combine ancient ritual music with scamp amusement; the production also incorporates traditional dance, elements of performance art and visuals. This lively, intoxicating synthesis of genres has become one of the most wanted products of the Lithuanian music export.

Ugnius Liogė


Sutartinės Party - So They Dance, So They Stomp (1.28 mb)
VIDEO: Lady Wow
VIDEO: Snowball Tree, Mountain Ash
VIDEO: Life’s Like a Cloud
music by Linas Rimša / traditional, perf. by Loreta Sungailienė, Asta Adomaitytė, Jolanta Černiauskienė (voc), Audronė Vakarinienė (voc, v), Alvydas Mačiulskas (sax, rap). Pro Arte, 2005.

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