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Virus J

Virus J is not waiting for the Lithuanian dance music scene to develop to a level when it will be able to support a dynamic music publishing industry. Instead, he is finding opportunities to release his skillfully produced tracks and remixes on international labels, among them the acclaimed Distraekt (run by progressive / tribal house stars Piliavin and Zimbardo), where the highly praised Get Drunk / Cocaine by Virus J and DJ Sun appeared in 2005. Virus J’s music owes its professional quality to his earlier activity in the legendary Computer Music Club founded by composer Giedrius Kuprevičius, the godfather of Lithuanian electronic music, and his studies of Music Technology. The music of Virus J usually gravitates towards more progressive sound; however, he is equally at home with jazzier deep house grooves. It is worth noting that in 2008 he recorded the song Centre of the World together with Lithuanian alternative pop celebrity Jurga and remixed her acclaimed 5th Season, the remix being included in the CD single of Jurga’s hit song.

Jurij Dobriakov


Flowered Sky (1.06 mb)
music: Justinas Chachlauskas

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