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Advent of Angels

Advent of Angels, the one-song international project initiated by Rodion Kolomin, the founder of two successful Lithuanian rock bands, Merlin and Land, is a true child of the digital era. Though there are three voices sounding on the self-titled anti-war song (those of Land’s vocalist and two other singers, Icelander Fridrik Omar and Malaysian Isaac Lim), the trio has actually never met in person, communicating via the Internet instead. The uplifting, inspired piece sounds as if all of them were singing in one studio, fully feeling each other’s energy, however. Advent of Angels a truly exclusive slice of contemporary pop/rock with a message. However, as Rodion Kolomin unexpectedly passed away in January 2009, one can only guess how many fruitful collaborations like this could have been masterminded by this talented and active musician.

Jurij Dobriakov


Advent of Angels (4.62 mb)
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