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The biggest comeback of the decade - that's what the 2007 album Ančių dainos (The Songs of Ducks) was for thousands of Lithuanian rock fans. Formed in 1984, Antis soon became known for their provocative lyrics, double entendres that attacked communism and theatrical live performances (in those days of communist regime, for a male singer to use make-up was a statement in itself).  The band called it a day in 1990 – from then on, lead singer Algirdas Kaušpėdas devoted his time and energy to becoming a respected architect and businessman.  In 2009 they brought another surprise – a lavish, full-on visual and musical extravaganza Zuikis Pleibojus (The Playboy Rabbit), a colourful musical featuring only the new material. The sound is vintage Antis but subject of the lyrics has changed – these guys now mock the behaviour of upper-class yet readily admit that these songs could be written about themselves. 2013 brought another burst of creative output – the new album Baisiai džiugu! (Terribly Joyful) showcased a surprisingly aggressive sound with heavy influence of industrial music. Another gig at Cathedral Square (as prestigious gig location as it gets in Lithuania) was released on double CD/DVD “2xAntis” - such an eventful year was summed up by Best Rock Act and Lifetime Achievement gongs at M.A.M.A. (Lithuanian Music Awards) ceremony and playing a gig with Aerosmith in Vilnius.


Kažkas atsitiko (1.38 mb)
music & lyrics: Algirdas Kaušpėdas

Zuikis Pleibojus - Laiko nėra (1.83 mb)
Zuikis Pleibojus - Sparnai (2.01 mb)
Ančių dainos - We Are Serious! (1.19 mb)
Ančių dainos - Drunkard (1.31 mb)
Ančių dainos - Golden Buddha (1.35 mb)
Ančių dainos - Stain (1.17 mb)
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