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Few of Lithuanian alternative music acts have as much patience and self-belief as Arbata (it means tea in Lithuania) does. Formed in 1996 under a different name, it underwent numerous line-up changes and started performing in earnest by 2001. With obvious British rock influences and lyrics that are undeniably poetic, the band performed more than 300 gigs in Lithuanian rock clubs and festivals up to date, but faced difficulties in getting serious support from record labels. The efforts were not in vain, though – in 2006 Arbata won a popular weekly TV song contest and came to the spotlight. The fact that Arbata was chosen to support a very popular Russian band Mumiy Troll on two occasions didn't spoil the matters, of course. Four well-received  albums have been released so far – Linkėjimai tau (Wishes To You) and Molekulių džiaugsmui (For The Joy Of Molecules), S.O.S. And Kiekvienas teisus (Everybody Is Right), the latter gaining recognition as the most mature work that Arbata have ever produced. From tunes that wouldn't sound out of place at a folk rock festival to a duet that they have recorded with Alina Orlova (an undisputed queen of Lithuanian alternative music), Arbata have something for everyone who's interested in music that comes from the right place.

Linkėjimai tau (1022.57 kb)
music: Arbata; lyriks: Zala

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