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Colours of Bubbles

Colours of Bubbles represent the most recent generation of guitar bands that Šiauliai, a Northern Lithuanian city has always been famous for (it will suffice to mention Bix, Brainers and Axis). This time, however, it’s not funk-infused postpunk, Britpop or electrorock, but rather fresh indie rock that combines alternative country influences and modern rock’n’roll drive. Staying true to their musical roots, Colours of Bubbles write all of their songs in English. A slightly unusual fact about them is that there are two strong vocalists in the band (bass guitarist Paulius and lead guitarist Julijus), each with a distinctive delivery style, which allows Colours of Bubbles to alternate between very different song styles both on record and in live shows. Speaking of the latter, Colours of Bubbles have already played more than 100 concerts, including solo gigs and festival performances in Lithuania and abroad. Their first EP, Today I Am Feeling Better Than Ever, released in 2010, crowned this period of the band’s career.

Jurij Dobriakov


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