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dr. Green

Pioneers of Lithuanian punk-ska, dr.Green were formed in 1996 by members of several influential alternative music acts. Faithful to DIY approach, the band released Ska'n'go in 1997, winning a Worst Bands Festival (showcase of alternative music performers)  in the same year. Heavy touring in Lithuania and abroad (Finland, Ukraine, Italy, France etc.) paid off - dr.Green is arguably country's most important alternative band at the moment.  Clearly influenced by punk, the band tried a more melodic approach on The Sounds Of Black & White Radio, attracting big crowds with shows in now-legendary Vilnius club Geležinis kablys. 2002 saw the release of 3rd album Purvas - by then, dr.Green were hailed as leaders of Lithuanian do-it-yourself movement, with the band's statements of supporting marijuana decriminalization and anti-fascist ideas ringing the bell with like-minded music audience. In 2007, dr.Green won a Lithuanian alternative music award as the best punk act and released a new album Culture Repair. The band's appeal is not limited by Lithuanian borders - with record distribution deals in Finland, England, Russia, Poland and many other countries, this is one of the most well-known Lithuanian alternative music group in Europe.


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