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Gerri Pavloff

Gerri Pavloff makes music for those with a mature musical taste. A longtime favorite of best-known Lithuanian pop artists and TV producers when it comes to producing, arranging and composing, recently Gerri revealed another side of his talent. Rebellious International, his live musical project involving an impressive lineup of top-notch Lithuanian instrumentalists, exposes Gerri Pavloff as a gifted songwriter, singer and pianist. There are no excesses in this music; its appeal rests in its constant quality, excellent musicianship and flawlessly elegant arrangements. This led Dovydas Bluvšteinas, an authoritative Lithuanian music critic, to classify Gerri’s style as Adult Contemporary, with the word ‘adult’ referring taste rather than age. Besides, Pavloff, having written musical scores for a number of films, tried out the director’s role himself in 2008 when he made the comedy titled 5 Day Scam, surely authoring its stylish soundtrack as well.

Jurij Dobriakov


Destinies (1.12 mb)
How will I find my road (1.28 mb)
Wide sky (1.22 mb)
Dream about you (1.01 mb)
Unicorn (1.05 mb)
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