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The Ball & Chain

Subtlety, attention to detail and professionalism – this is what you get from  husband-and-wife pop duo The Ball & Chain. „Perfectionists“ is a suitable word – every performance, every music video is an event, nothing is done half-heartedly, that is the key rule that The Ball & Chain stick to. It's a perfect meeting of two creative minds. Erica Jennings the most famous Irish woman living in Lithuania, lead singer of popular band Skamp, a household name for more than 15 years, an outspoken activist on human rights issues and one of the most charming performers around. Jurgis Didžiulis (he was born in Colombia but has roots in Lithuania) is the leader of TWNKL and ex-singer of InCulto, also has a solo project and is well-known as an active participant in various social initiatives. They have both (separately) performed in Eurovision Song Contest,  shared the stage with the likes of Macy Gray, Juanes, The Black Eyed Peas, honed their craft in various musical projects. Between them, have recorded enough hits and won enough awards to not really have sleepless nights over proving their talent to anyone. So now they are going for it together – and this is, first and foremost, a labour of love. The Ball & Chain released their debut album to critical acclaim in 2011 – immediately winning audience over with their mixture of laid back pop, bossa nova, blues and well-written lyrics with just the right amount of humour. This adventure took them to play gigs in Russia, Poland. Sweden (Karlshamn Baltic Song Contest) and the Netherlands. Dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde of Lithuanian pop scene”, The Ball & Chain went on a short hiatus in 2014. However, there was still a reason to celebrate – the duo's stylish video Baby Burning won the public vote of Independent Music Awards (in the Best Video category).


Baby Burning (1.24 mb)
When We Split Up (1.26 mb)
Mashine Gun (1.11 mb)
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