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Breaking The Line

Record company: Creative Industries
Year of publication: 2013
Media: CD

Music & Lyrics: Jurga (Jurga Šeduikytė) (except 11 - Yamamoto Tsunetomo "Hagakure")


Jurga - voc

Petras Geniušas - pf (5, 6, 7, 10, 11)

Josh Mcclung - dr (3, 4, 10)

Mantas Augustaitis - dr (11)

Vytis Nivinskas - db (11)


1. Jūra Vandenynas
Inspired by Inception, dir. by Christopher Nolan
2. Walking On The Pillows
Inspired by It's All Gone Pete Tong, dir. by Michael Dowse
3. Hey, Joe
Inspired by Corpse Bride, dir. by Tim Burton
4. Laiko nėra
Inspired by Acca, dir. by Sergej Solovjov
5. Sky Is Closer Than You
Inspired by Breaking The Waves, dir. by Lars von Trier
6. Om (Interlude)
Inspired by Fight Club, dir. by David Fincher
7. Om
Inspired by Fight Club, dir. by David Fincher
8. Dangau
Inspired by Dead Man, dir. by Jim Jarmush
9. So Blue
Inspired by Melancholia, dir. by Lars von Trier
10. Braking The Line
Inspired by Dead Man's Shoes, dir. by Shane Meadows
11. The End
Inspired by Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai, dir. by Jim Jarmusch

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