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Juozas Gruodis


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Juozas Gruodis

Birutė Vainiūnaitė

Record company: Birutė Vainiūnaitė
Year of publication: 2014
Media: CD
Duration: 66'01
Price: 4.50 € / 15.56 Lt

Juozas Gruodis

The Dance of Life

Record company: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Year of publication: 2011
Media: CD
Duration: 68'09
Price: 7.50 € / 25.90 Lt

Valančiūtė, Narbutaitė, Bartulis, Martinaitis, Vasiliauskaitė, Augustinas, Kučinskas, Urbaitis, Montvila, Gruodis

Aidija. Lithuanian Choir Music

Record company: Aidija
Year of publication: 2009
Media: CD
Duration: 47'36

Bajoras, Bražinskas, Bašinskas, Brundzaitė, Dvarionas, Gruodis, V. Jurgutis, B. Kutavičius, Laurušas, Nabažas, Šimkus, Žigaitis

Giedrė Kaukaitė. On the Road in the Big Skies. The Ringing Brook

Record company: Lithuanian Musicians Union
Year of publication: 2009
Media: CD
Duration: 143'03
Price: 9 € / 31.08 Lt

Bacevičius, Kačinskas, Jakubėnas, Gaidelis, Čiurlionis, Naujalis, Pakalnis, Gruodis, Nabažas, Vainiūnas

Quartets by Lithuanian Composers

Record company: Vilnius Recording Studio
Year of publication: 2001
Media: CD
Duration: 121'27

Gruodis, Vainiūnas, Bacevičius, Bajoras, Laurušas, Balakauskas, Narbutaitė, Martinaitis

Birutė Vainiūnaitė. Lithuanian Piano Music

Record company: Vilnius Recording Studio
Year of publication: 2000
Media: CD
Duration: 68'38

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