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Bacevičius, Narbutaitė, B. Kutavičius, Sodeika, Martinaitis
Rūta & Zbignevas Ibelhauptas. Music for two pianos

Record company: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Year of publication: 2006
Media: CD
Duration: 69'37
Price: 7.50 € / 25.90 Lt

Rūta & Zbignevas Ibelhauptas (piano duo),

Romualdas Taločka (clarinet; 5-8)


The pianists Rūta and Zbignevas Ibelhauptas are tireless promoters of piano duo genre since 1989, winning the audiences with exciting programmes and fresh approach to performance. The interaction of their many-faceted fields of interest and their romantic-charismatic image is fascinating indeed: always willing to please the audience with their virtuoso bravura, the Ibelhauptas Duo excellently conforms to all standards of "ascetic" academism as well, and at the same time challenges their listeners to discover the uncharted territories of new music.




1. Vytautas Bacevičius. Septieme mot op.73. 1st movement (1966) 5'02
2. Vytautas Bacevičius. Septieme mot op.73, 2nd movement 2'28
3. Vytautas Bacevičius. Septieme mot op.73, 3rd movement 2'42
4. Onutė Narbutaitė. Climber (1988) 11'23
5. Bronius Kutavičius. Cranes' Dances, 1st movement (1989) 4'12
6. Bronius Kutavičius. Cranes' Dances, 2nd movement 3'46
7. Bronius Kutavičius. Cranes' Dances, 3rd movement 3'57
8. Bronius Kutavičius. Cranes' Dances, 4th movement 3'19
Sonata for two pianos and clarinet
9. Bronius Kutavičius. Debate with a Stranger, 1st movement (1982) 3'54
10. Bronius Kutavičius. Debate with a Stranger, 2nd movement 4'35
11. Bronius Kutavičius. Debate with a Stranger, 3rd movement 4'07
Concerto for two pianos and tape
12. Gintaras Sodeika. Tone Ontology No.2 (1998) 7'43
13. Algirdas Martinaitis. Clavier of the Life-Giving Water (1983) 11'56

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