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Balakauskas, Merkelys, V. V. Jurgutis, Šerkšnytė, Bartulis
zoom in 3: new music from Lithuania

Record company: Music Information Centre Lithuania
Year of publication: 2004
Media: CD
Duration: 61'32

The Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre continues a series of promotional CDs under the label "Zoom in: new music from Lithuania", which reflect the exceptionally vibrant contemporary music scene in Lithuania. These releases help keep in view most active and interesting composers as well as performers of the year, and promote their successful work. "Zoom in 3" features 5 chamber compositions written in 2003, as performed by some of today's top artists.




1. Osvaldas Balakauskas. Cascades - 3 (2003) 10'28
Tamami Honma (piano)
2. Remigijus Merkelys. Compass (2003) 9'41
Gaida Ensemble:
Rusnė Mataitytė (violin)
Džeraldas Bidva (violin)
Vitalija Raškevičiūtė (viola)
Edmundas Kulikauskas (cello)
Arnoldas Gurinavičius (double bass)
Mindaugas Juozapavičius (flute)
Linas Šalna (oboe)
Antanas Taločka (clarinet)
Andrius Puplauskis (bassoon)
Liudas Mockūnas (saxophone)
Mindaugas Gecevičius (horn)
Tomas Gricius (trumpet)
Marius Balčytis (trombone)
Pavelas Giunteris (percussion)
Tomas Kulikauskas (percussion)
Zbignevas Ibelhauptas (piano/synthesizer)
Conductor Jussi Jaatinen
3. Vytautas V. Jurgutis. Ellipses (2003) 12'17
Arditti Quartet:
Irvine Arditti (violin)
Graeme Jennings (violin)
Ralf Ehlers (viola)
Rohan de Saram (cello)
4. Raminta Šerkšnytė. Oriental Elegy. Wind in the Mist (2002, rev. 2003) 4'17
5. Raminta Šerkšnytė. Oriental Elegy. Rustle 1'40
6. Raminta Šerkšnytė. Oriental Elegy. Silence 3'14
7. Raminta Šerkšnytė. Oriental Elegy. Lament 2'29
Chordos Quartet:
Ieva Sipaitytė (violin)
Eglė Jurašūnaitė (violin)
Robertas Bliškevičius (viola)
Mindaugas Bačkus (cello)
8. Vidmantas Bartulis. I Like H. Berlioz (2003) 16'46
Kaunas String Quartet:
Karolina Beinarytė (violin)
Dalia Terminaitė (violin)
Laura Blažytė (viola)
Saulius Bartulis (cello);
Aušra Bartkevičiūtė-Gelusevičienė (piano)

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