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Šileika, Domarkas, Remesa, Paulikas, Eager, Antanas A. Budriūnas, Narvilaitė
Compositions of Klaipėda Composers

Record company: Lithuanian Composers' Union
Year of publication: 2003
Media: CD
Duration: 73'25
Price: 6 € / 20.72 Lt


1. Remigijus Šileika. Engraving in the Copper 3'51
Klaipėda Brass Quintet:
Vilmantas Bružas (I trumpet)
Alius Maknavičius (II trumpet)
Algirdas Ulteravičius (French horn)
Steponas Sugintas (trombone)
Jurgis Dargis (tuba)
2. Alvidas Remesa. Music for six trumpets and six trombones 6'17
Klaipėda Brass Band (director Vilmantas Bružas)
3. Natalija Eager. Concerto 16'15
Audronė Pšibilskienė (viola)
Vilnius St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Donatas Katkus
4. Loreta Narvilaitė. When the Foot-bridge Is Gone I Will Cross the River 9'28
Trio "Kaskados":
Rusnė Mataitytė (violin)
Edmundas Kulikauskas (cello)
Albina Šikšniūtė (piano)
5. Antanas A. Budriūnas. Antyphony, 1st movement 3'37
6. Antanas A. Budriūnas. Antyphony, 2nd movement 5'12
Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Juozas Domarkas
7. Jonas Paulikas. Sonata, 1st movement 2'59
8. Jonas Paulikas. Sonata, 2nd movement 4'20
9. Jonas Paulikas. Sonata, 3rd movement 3'47
Vilmantas Vitartas (horn)
Bernardas Vasiliauskas (organ)
10. Jonas Domarkas. Sonata, 1st movement 5'40
11. Jonas Domarkas. Sonata, 2nd movement 3'58
12. Jonas Domarkas. Sonata, 3rd movement 4'42
K. Kanišauskas (violin)
Eugenijus Ignatonis (piano)
13. Jonas Domarkas. Capriccio 4'45
Lithuanian National Symphoy Orchestra
Conductor Juozas Domarkas

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