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Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Piano Works (urtext)

Publisher: Yamaha Music Media Corporation
Year of publication: 2011
Score: 147 p.
Price: [ Buy ]

Edited with commentaries by Darius Kučinskas




1. Prelude in G minor (Pater Noster) DK153 (VL260)
2. Prelude in B flat minor DK39 (VL169)
3. Nocturne in F sharp minor DK41 (VL178)
4. Prelude in B minor DK55-II (VL182a)
5. Prelude in F sharp major (Angelus Domini) DK57 (VL184)
6. Prelude in F sharp minor DK59 (VL185)
7. Prelude in B major DK60 (VL186)
8. Prelude in D flat major DK61 (VL187)
9. Prelude in F major / A minor DK62 (VL188)
10. Prelude in F minor DK72 (VL197)
11. Prelude in E flat minor DK78 (VL199)
12. Prelude in D minor (1st version) DK133-I (VL239)
13. Prelude in D minor (2nd version) DK133-II (VL239)
14. Adagio in A major DK134.7 (VL246)
15. Prelude in A major DK141 (VL247)
16. Prelude in G minor DK142 (VL248)
17. Prelude in D minor DK146 (VL256)
18. Prelude in B minor DK150 (VL254)
19. Prelude in B minor DK152 (VL259)
20. Prelude in F sharp minor (Autumn I) DK156 (VL264)
21. Prelude in D minor (Autumn II) DK236 (VL294)
22. Prelude in G minor / E minor DK242 (VL300)
23. Prelude DK244 (VL302)
24. Prelude in B flat minor DK250 (VL306)
25. Prelude in F minor DK251 (VL307)
26. Prelude in D minor DK252 (VL308)
27. Prelude in D flat major DK281 (VL250)
28. Prelude in G minor DK282 (VL304)
29. Prelude in C major DK283 (VL318)
30. Prelude in D minor DK284 (VL319)
31. Prelude in C minor DK290 (VL324)
32. Prelude in D minor DK291 (VL325)
33. Prelude in C major DK292 (VL328)
34. Prelude in C major DK300 (VL327)
35. Prelude in B minor DK306 (VL333)
36. Prelude in C major DK303 (VL330)
37. Prelude in A major DK309 (VL335)
38. Prelude in G major DK314 (VL338)
39. Prelude in D major (Whitsunday Music) DK313 (VL337a)
40. Prelude DK316 (VL339)
41. Prelude in D minor DK318 (VL340)
42. Prelude in G minor (Sanctus Deus) DK323 (VL343)
43. Prelude in D minor DK324 (VL344)
44. Prelude in G minor DK322 (VL342)
45. Variations Sefaa Esec DK154 (VL258)
46. Cycle on the one theme in B flat minor DK184 (VL269–271)
47. Variations Besacas DK179 (VL265)
48. The Sea, cycle of small landscapes DK279 (VL317)
49. Fugue in B flat minor DK293 (VL345)
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