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Šarūnas Nakas
Ziqquratu (CD/DVD)

Record company: Garsai ir blyksniai
Year of publication: 2012
Media: CD
Duration: 61'22
Price: 10 € / 34.53 Lt

Electronic music and multimedia works




Disk #1

1. Merz-Machine (1985) 3'58
For a virtual orchestra of 33 instruments in multi-track recording
Vytautas Labutis (saxophones), Birutė Vainiūnaitė (piano), Vaclovas Augustinas (cello), Dainius Sverdiolas (synthesizer), Julius Geniušas (percussion), Šarūnas Nakas (percussion)
2. Winds, Birds, Rivers (1998) 6'21
For pre-programmed synthesizer Yamaha SY-99
Šarūnas Nakas (programming)
3. Ziqquratu-2 (1999) 51'06
For percussion, flute, violin, piano, prepared piano and electronics
Vilnius New Music Ensemble: Arkady Gotesman (percussion), Arūnas Dikčius (prepared piano), Laima Šulskutė-Romoslauskienė (flute), Evaldas Vyčinas (violin), Živilė Karkauskaitė (piano), Alla Zagaykevych (electronics and mixing), Šarūnas Nakas (conductor)
Disk #2

1. Aporia (2006) 14'00
Music installation with three-channel video, colour
Šarūnas Nakas (concept, music /"Aporia" for three instrumental groups, 2001/, camera, editing), Karolina Jakaitė (second camera), Agnė Jakaitė (dancer), Gaida Ensemble (music performing), Jussi Jaatinen (conductor)
2. The Gospel According to Blacksmith Ignotas (2007) 23'15
Installation for symphonic orchestra and seven-channel video, colour; version for one-channel video
Šarūnas Nakas (concept, music /"Nude" for orchestra, 2004/, directing, camera, editing), Radvilė Nakaitė (second camera), Lithuanian State Symphonic Orchestra (music performing), Julius Geniušas (conductor)
Cast: Arūnas Dikčius (man), Giedrius Nakas (young man), Herkus Kunčius (dancer), Morta Nakaitė (girl)
3. Ziqquratu-3 (2012) 56'00
For performer, percussionist, live- and pre-programmed electronics, and video
Šarūnas Nakas Multimedia Quintet: Benas Šarka (performer), Arkady Gotesman (percussion), Aurelija Maknytė aka VJ makaura (video), Alla Zagaykevych (live-electronics and mixing), Šarūnas Nakas (music and video)

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