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Arkady Gotesman

Arkady Gotesman is a drummer and percussionist of remarkable versatility and creativity, widely known performer of free improvisational music. Born in the Ukraine, he has lived and worked in Lithuania for the past 30 years and appeared in concerts with Petras Vyšniauskas and Vyacheslav Ganelin (as Trio Alliance), with Liudas Mockūnas, also performed solo. Since 1994, he has been core member of the Dainius Pulauskas Group. For his performances he has often drawn inspiration from the poetry, theatre and dance. He also performs contemporary academic music (including works by Lithuanian composers Anatolijus Šenderovas, Faustas Latėnas and Šarūnas Nakas) and appears at new music festivals, writes scenarios for musical performances and installations, composes music for theatre and plays it live during performances.

Jūratė Kučinskaitė



Rolandas Rastauskas & Arkady Gotesman - Throw (1.5 mb)
Mussorgsky Trio - Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle (1.11 mb)
Liudas Mockūnas & Arkady Gotesman - Tamsta Blues (1.37 mb)
Tomas Kutavičius & Arkady Gotesman - From Past to Present (893.88 kb)
VIDEO: Arkady Gotesman
Šarūnas Nakas. Ziqquratu-II (fragments)

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