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Gediminas Laurinavičius

A veteran in the Lithuanian jazz stage, active musician, expressive and flexible drummer, inventive percussionist, enthusiastic pedagogue. During almost three decades of his career he has played with all the most prominent Lithuanian jazz figures, led the band Gedo Sindikatas. The drummer also collaborates with performers and composers of popular and academic music, produces solo projects, writes music for theatre and cinema. Having expanded his drum set with percussion instruments from various countries, Gediminas Laurinavičius tends to experiment – unable to contain himself behind the drum set, the drummer often involves not only members of the ensemble, but also the audience into some sort of "Drum Party".

Jūratė Kučinskaitė



Gediminas Laurinavičius - In an African Mood (900.81 kb)
Vilnius Jazz Quartet & Sutaras - TŪb-ArA-Ga (846.12 kb)
Oleg Molokoyedov - Dialogues (922.04 kb)
Gediminas Laurinavičius
Press Jazz Club, 2005

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