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Sel, active for more than 10 years already, ranks among the recent decade’s most famous, influential and important musical projects in Lithuania. Having started his musical career from working with primitive instruments and elementary music production tools, Egidijus Dragūnas, the group’s leader, managed to take the project’s activity to a new level of quality in the course of years. Sel can now afford a personal recording studio and most interesting music producers in Lithuania, as well as freedom from any constraints to their creative work. Sel’s exclusive quality has always been the ability to dictate their own terms to Lithuania’s music community, promoting bold experiments, new ideas and distinctive forms of expression.

Until recently, Sel’s back catalogue included 11 full-length albums:

Kaip ir tu (Just like you)
Paskutinį kartą (For the last time)
Kontrolinis šūvis (Control shot)
Neįvertinta karta (Unappreciated generation)
Guma (Rubber)
Kubas (Cube) (the latter pronounced 1998’s most demanded release by large Lithuanian distributors)
Geriausios dainos (Greatest hits)
Geriausi remiksai (Best remixes)
Viskas ką turiu (All I have)

Sel’s newest album, released in 2006, is titled Muzika (Music). The total circulation of albums and singles exceeds 500000 units.

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