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Ugnė Giedraitytė


Ugnė Giedraitytė (b.1984) is currently studying composition under Prof. Osvaldas Balakauskas at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She has participated in the international workshops for young composers in Villecroze (France), Istebna (Poland), and has received additional training at the High School of Music and Arts in Porto. In 2005, her portrait concert was presented at the New Theatre of Riga, Latvia. The composer’s work for her B.A. degree, Panneau for clarinet solo and string orchestra was awarded the second prize in the young composers category at the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris in 2007, and the debut prize at the composers’ competition organized by the Lithuanian Composers’ Union.


“Writing music, I subjectively choose sounds and harmonic chords to integrate them into daily phenomena and movements. This way I create bigger or smaller cell-units which can be joined together to form a composition – a moving musical figure,” she says.

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